Teaching Manufacturing Employees How To Advance Their Career in 6 Months, Without Going Back To School!

See What Students Are Saying...

Keenan Went From $15/hr and Unemployed to $78K/yr!

George Went From "Stuck" to Landing Role at TESLA at $90K/yr!

Kenny Went From $50K/yr to $90K/yr In Less Than 6 Months!

Megan Recommends Rocket Salary To Change Your Family's Life!

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 Rocket Salary!

Keenan Details His Experience In This Student Interview! MUST WATCH!

George Details His Experience In This Student Interview! MUST WATCH!

Students Refer To The Program As "Best Decision of Your Life"

George Says He Wouldn't Have Received $90K TESLA Offer Without Rocket Salary!

Vanessa Has Already Learned So Much From The 1st Week ALONE!

Student Receives 12% Increase!

Student Receives Double The Amount of Callbacks From Resume Update Alone!

Student Changes Life With Mindset and Habit Changes!

Rocket Salary Helped Changed Student's Mindset & Perspective!


The Rocket Salary Course & 
1-on-1 Coaching Program!


1. We Teach Manufacturing Employees Who Feels STUCK How to Advance Their Career With NO College Degree!
2. We Teach College Graduates Who Feels STUCK, How To Land Their Dream Job Without ANY Experience!
HOW does RocketSalary.com™ work? 

It's an Online Course and 1-on-1 Coaching Program.
  • Online Portal w/ Lifetime Access
  • ​Login At Your Own Convenience 
  • ​16 Video Modules (Videos are short & effect) (Not like school..)
  • 20+ Worksheets and Resources
1-ON-1 COACHING (Zoom Calls)
  • #1: Mindset & Habits Coaching Call 
  • #2: Career Development Plan Coaching Call
  • ​#3: Skillset Development Coaching Call
  • #4: Build Your Resume Coaching Call
WHY was RocketSalary.com™ started?

RocketSalary.com™ was founded by Charlie A. Hicks Jr.

Charlie started out with zero experience as a Production Operator and worked himself up to a Quality Assurance Manager in just a few years without a college degree.
  • He has saved companies $1.2 Million dollars in total cost savings
  • An employer has given him a $7K Pay Raise in less than 6 months of him working for the company
  • ​Another employer has paid $20K to buy Charlie out of the staffing agency's contract early, just to hire him direct
  • ​Charlie has been recruited by and have worked for some of the largest companies in the world.  (Tesla, GM, Magna, Meritor, etc.)
The best part about what Charlie has done in his career is that ANYONE CAN DO IT... 

The Problem is most people DON'T REALIZE  that it's possible or they don't know HOW  to make it happen!

But that is about to change for you...

Charlie has reverse-engineered a step-by-step system on how to advance your career in manufacturing.

He has spent years figuring out what is needed for "anyone to rapidly advance their career" and now has designed a solution.

This solution is what we call:

"Each of my student's objective when enrolling in the course is to obtain the Rocket Salary DNA™ , because once you have the DNA you'll never have to stress about money, getting fired, or landing good high paying jobs ever again"

- Charlie


Rocket Salary DNA

WHAT is Rocket Salary DNA™?

Rocket Salary DNA™ are the fundamental characteristics that you need in order to Land a High Salary Position and "Advance Your Career Within 6 Months without a Degree or Having Experience".

Rocket Salary DNA™ are made up of 3 IMPORTANT PILLARS. It is not enough to have 1 or 2 of these PILLARS, you must have them ALL in order to have any real success!

Every person with a MASSIVELY SUCCESSFUL CAREER has these PILLARS whether they realize it or not...


You're not alone. Millions of people around the world  like yourself feels stuck in a rut, not sure which way to go, thinking you need a degree to become successful, wondering if your current degree was worth it, etc...

What we've learned here at Rocket is you don't have a resume or skillset problem, you have a mindset and habits problem. This pours directly into your career. 

Here is what you should be asking yourself...
  • Do employers feel like you have the right mindset?
  • ​Are your current bad habits holding you back without realizing it?
  • ​Are you mentally approaching your career the right way?
  • Are you making the right decisions to set your career up for success?
This has taken Charlie 8 years and over $15,000 in books and coaching courses to figure out! 

Save yourself the time and money...


Most people don't understand the importance of skills and leverage they have NO IDEA what Quantifiable Achievements even means... If this is you.. Oh boy! But don't worry that's why you're here.

Here is what you should be asking yourself...
  • Do you have any skills?
  • ​Do you have the right skills?
  • Have you achieved anything using those skills?
  • Do you have any Quantifiable Achievements?
  • ​Do you know how to Problem Solve?
  • ​Does employers recognized you as skillful or as a specialist?
Overtime, Charlie  has figured out "what do companies VALUE the most in an EMPLOYEE"  and it has taken 100's of corporate meetings, 1,000's of emails, and tons of projects to learn and understand!

Lucky you right!?


Most people feel entitled to a better opportunity if they've put in a lot of time at a company or as a specific role. They feel like they deserve more pay and the perfect job should just come and find them! THIS IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN MAKE...

Here is what you should be asking yourself...
  • Is your Resume bad, good, or GREAT? How do you know?
  • How do you know you stand out over your competition?
  • How do you know if the resume is a problem or if it's you?
  • What's your strategy on LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Monster, Career Builder, etc...
  • ​How do you advance your career when your job has a "buddy buddy system"?
In order for Charlie to have grown from close to minimum wage to six-figures in just 4.5 years with several different companies, he must have the keys to creating opportunities. 


Our Students Come From and Go To

How Do You Know If The Rocket Salary Course™ Is Right For You?

If you work in a Manufacturing Environment and if you answer "YES" to any of the questions below, then the Rocket Salary Course™ is definitely  right for you:
  • Are you looking to make more money in your career?
  • ​Are you sick of working overtime just to make "decent" money?
  • ​Would you rather double-triple what you make now at just 40 hrs per week?
  • Do you feel stuck in your current position?
  • ​Do you have a degree and still can't land a good high-paying job?
  • ​Are you sick of doing the exact same work every single day?
  • ​Are you sick of working night shift?
  • Do you feel like the only way to get ahead is by going back to school?
  • ​Are you sick getting of "points" against you, just because you made a mistake?
  • ​Are you sick of working for temp agencies and can never seem to get hired direct?
  • ​Are you sick of being held back by your management team playing favoritism?

Reveal "3 Secrets That'll Get You a Massive Pay Raise in Less Than 6 Months"

See If You Qualify!

Unfortunately, Charlie DOES NOT accept all applicants because he focuses on getting his students results and maintaining a high student success rate.

Schedule a 15-Min Chat to see if you qualify for the Rocket Salary Course™!

When you hit the button below, you will book a 15 minute slot on Charlie's Calendar where he will call you to simply understand who you are and if he can help!

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